Interior Blinds for Skylights

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Skyshield 50

Skyshield 50

Designed for indoor use. utilizes two inch wide aluminum slats and is best suited for medium to large size rectangular openings



Skyshield 80Skyshield 80

The 80X is designed for outdoor use. The 80 is for indoor use. Both utilize a 3-5/32 inch wide aluminum slat.



Skyshield 88SkyShield 88

The Skyshield 88 non retractable dim-out blind with interlocking extruded aluminum louvers has been designed for the following purposes:

  1.  Dimout (approximately 95%) of roof lights, sloping shaped or other windows in lecture halls, art galleries, operating theaters and multi-purpose buildings such as sports halls and community centers.
  2.  Fully adjustable sunscreening with reduction of solar heat gain up to 90% over screened areas when fitted externally. An added bonus is the provision of a trapped layer of air when the blinds are closed which can help reduce overnight heat loss in wintertime.
  3.  Decorative ceiling when combined with the above uses if fitted internally.
  4.  For open areas such as walkways, terraces, restaurants, etc., where pitched installations can serve as protection both rain and sun.

The low loading of approximately 10 kg/m² allows the louvers to be installed on both old and new structures.

The 88X is designed for outdoor use. The 88 is for indoor use. These Skyshield Skylight Blinds are perfect for audio-visual purposes: and also for patios and related installations due to the integrated "rain-gutter" design.


Skyshield 90Skyshield 90

Designed for indoor use. Utilizes 3-1/2 inch wide aluminum slats and is best suited for large openings of any shape.