Motor & Control Options

SkyShield 88


A motorized system, with manually switching is available, permitting infinitely variable shading angles. The almost silent actuating motor is fitted to one arm rack and provides the tilting action for the Skyshield Motorized Skylight Blind.

Built in limits govern the fully open and closed positions of the slats which may be tilted to any angle. The blinds may be controlled individually by means of a toggle switch. More complex controls of two or more blinds is possible as well as fully automatic controls, including light sensitive versions.

The speed of each motor can adjusted for synchronization. Interior motor is 12 volt DC and .75 amp.

Gearbox - With Detachable rod and handle for high level windows.

Electric Motor - With manual switching, permitting infinitely variable shading angle. Particularly suitable for inaccessible windows and for group control.

T200, two level lux - Solar control. Opens or closes louvers at a selected external light intensity.

T300, three level lux - Automatic constant light level control. A sophisticated unit, suitable for light sensitive areas in Art Galleries, Green Houses, etc. Maintains a light level within the building which may be easily selected by calibration of the built in lux meter. The photocell is installed inside the building.

T210 clock override - To open or close blinds at chosen times. May also be fitted in connection with T200 or T300 controls.