Project Listing

Museums and Art Galleries

Sacramento Museum of Art   Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Los Angeles County Museum of Art   Armand Hammer Museum of Art
San Jose Museum of Art   Metropolitan Museum of Art
Harvard University Art Gallery Dallas Museum of Art
Thorne Saggen Dorp Museum North Carolina Art Museum
Brooklyn Museum of Art   Richmond Museum of Art
National Gallery, Washington DC    

Museums and Art Galleries

Miami International Airport   New Jersey Port Authority
New York University Hospital   Bell Coolidge Library
Shands Memorial Hospital   Denver Public Library
Orange County Administration Complex   J.F.K. Memorial Library

Private Institutions



Nieman-Marcus Miami   Naval Recruit Center San Diego
Bank of Boston   Griffiths Air Force Base
Sunrise Hilton   Camp Lejeune
Key Pharmaceutical   Lackland Air Base
Manufactures Hanover Trust Defense Mapping Agency
Sony Corp. NY    

Movie Productions

Robo Cop III
Super Mario Brothers    
Arnold Schwarzeneggar Offices