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Skyshield 25


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Designed for indoor use. Utilizes one inch wide (1") aluminum slats and is best suited for small to medium size rectangular & odd shaped openings.

Skyshield 50


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Designed for indoor use. utilizes two inch wide (2") aluminum slats and is best suited for medium to large size rectangular openings.

Skyshield 80


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The 80 is for indoor use and utilizes a 3-5/32 inch wide aluminum slat for large area coverage, usually over larger openings.

Skyshield 80X


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For exterior applications, this versatile sun-screen is weatherized for use with the same 3-5/32 inch aluminum slat designed where exterior installation makes most sense. Motorized options can also have light sensors for maximum shade control.

Skyshield 88


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The Skyshield 88 non-retractable room darkening blind with interlocking, extruded aluminum louvers has been designed eliminate 95% of light infiltration. Motorized options offer silent and smooth operation. Excellent for AV applications.

Skyshield 90


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For LARGE size openings where the benefit of a 3 ½" wide slat gives the user the optimum skylight shading. May be used vertically over windows as well on slope as for skylights.